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Proud to be in Indonesia! As part of the world’s most international tobacco group, we aim to grow our brands and the value of our business through our four strategic pillars of Growth, Productivity, Responsibility and developing a Winning Organisation.

We take pride in what we do and encourage you to get to know about Bentoel Group as we continue our journey in providing adult consumers with excellent products in a manner expected of a responsible tobacco group.

This website contains information about our company in Indonesia, our business, our people, and our beliefs on a variety of tobacco related issues. This site is not about promoting smoking of our brands.

About us

About us

Bentoel and its subsidiary companies (“Bentoel Group”), is a member of British American Tobacco Group, the second largest quoted tobacco group in the world by global market share with brands sold in over 180 markets.

Kretek: the clove cigarette

Today, kretek manufacturers directly employ over 180,000 people in Indonesia and an additional 10 million indirectly.