Corporate Social Responsibility

Bentoel Group supports programmes aimed at the betterment of communities where we operate.

We recognise that we have a role and responsibility within the community where we operate. Our corporate social responsibility (CSR) is one of our ways to contribute to society, and have always been closely identified with the communities where we operate.

This policy, together with the Group’s Standards of Business Conduct, form the basis for our financial and non-financial contributions to society.

The Group’s Standards of Business Conduct state that any charitable contributions and non-commercial sponsorships are allowed, provided that they are not made for securing any improper business or other improper advantage; are allowed under all applicable laws, and that they do not give rise to any conflict of interest situation.

Our CSR initiatives framework generally focus on:

  • Promoting environmental protection and sustainable agriculture
  • Promoting empowerment
  • Charitable organisations
  • Promoting civic life
  • Disaster management